What is Holding You Back From Success?

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Success can be defined in so many ways that an entire philosophy revolves around it. Generally accepted, it means wealth, and often times, fame. But no matter how you define it, it usually requires a great deal of time, effort, energy and ambition in achieving it. There can be lots of barriers in the way, from the financial ones to the most subtile ones, the ones that reside in our heads: fear of success, fear of failure, fear of being ridiculed, experience, certain society paradigms or expectations, and the list can go on.

I often found in my coaching sessions that when reaching that point of acknowledging and verbalising these barriers, miracles can happen and when the client says: “the sky is the limit” they truly mean it and they prove it in time. This ‘holding back’ feeling can appear again as time goes by, different experiences happen, we grow older, wiser, different barriers can appear; but as you manage to¬†consciously admit what’s missing, nothing can actually hold you back.

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