So you landed your first job. Now what?

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It is no longer a rare practice to see students taking a job during college, master studies or sometimes even high-school. However, as I found in these past years, rarely they think of the importance of this first job, often times this choice being only about a supplementary income.

Let’s say you fall in this category, taking a job for some extra money and you work as a waiter, bartender, personal assistant, data entry operator, etc. Ask yourself what do you learn from this job, is it really only about money or you can consider this a meaningful experience even if you are not actually pursuing a career in horeca or administration. Maybe you can learn from this job:

  • what means the responsibility of a job
  • what importance does have the trust of others
  • how is to respect a schedule
  • discipline
  • satisfaction of a job done right, … and sure we can add many more

But maybe, although you worked during your study years, you only consider a first job the one you land after you graduate, perhaps in your field of education. Do not disregard the previous experience if you had one; and enter your new first job with realistic expectations and clear learning objectives. Why is this important? Because the daily business rush you are entering will keep you so busy that you might wake up in five, seven or ten years and realise that you are on a road that you do not recognise and although money is good, you feel empty, your work has no meaning and brings you less and less satisfactions.

So, no matter what your first job is, be wise about your approach and good luck!

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