shopping for a smile and tears

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I would like one smile please

Just one?

Yes, just one for today

You know you need more than one each day, you always share so many

Yes, I usually do, but I decided today to offer only one

Can I offer you something else? Tears are on sale today

Tears, yes, it’s been some time since I last had those; give me please one thousand drops

Isn’t it too much? it’s not like you are going to need them every day

If it’s on sale, I think that I can offer that smile with some tears, what do you think?

I think this requires a special situation, I hope you’ll have it

Can you also add some sobs? And a … and I would like to order some rain, do you have that catalog around here?

We’ll send you your personalized catalog on email, is this ok?

Yes, it’s perfect. How much is it?

113 mean thoughts, 2 disappointments and 5 hurts, do you have enough?

Oh yes, I have. Can I pay you 7 more malice and keep one disappointment? 2 is all I have

All right, but you know you have to spend it, right?

I know, I hope soon I’ll be able to trade it for ten thousands smiles

Here you go, there is your change

Thank you so much; please, you can keep the kindness

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