Recruiting from a different angle

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Recruiting’s been an important part of my professional life and although I don’t recruit so much lately, I am active in what regards setting up this process, improving it, updating it, adapting it to new trends and sharing my knowledge and expertise with those interested in this subject. One of this sharing sessions will take place this evening at the HUB Bucharest, in a community of young, passionate people, all working on interesting personal or business projects.

Why is this different than any other recruiting topics discussed over and over in the industry? Because the start-up situation is special and different from one entrepreneur to another and by non means one must expect to find a standard solution, a quick recipe to make things work from the beginning. It take some time and clarity to reach to a certain level of confort in recruiting for your own business, to put it in a more personal tone, it’s like finding the right nanies for your babies; and this is no piece of cake.

So, if you are around and are interested in finding more about the subject or you just want to spend a night in great company, drop by!

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