Design & implementation of an annual development program to train and coach all leadership levels population across the company on the HR responsibilities they have as people managers (from team leaders to business units directors), namely: hiring, evaluating, coaching, developing, communicating and rewarding.


To translate the Vodafone Way values & competencies into specific development program, training specific competencies for 400 individuals, all leaders across the company at different levels and across all business units. Approach 6 different levels of impact in the organization, representing the HR roles (The Navigator, The Coach, The Resourcer, The Engager, The Developer and The Rewarder).

To design a program per leadership level based on the combined Resourcing team competencies and a Training services partner aimed at developing the gap between the current level of HR competencies and the required competency level competencies and at identifying further development initiatives.

To set up pilots per level to test the design, gather feedback and suggestions for improvement.

To design administrative, logistics and communication process handled by internal resourcing team

To design follow-up activities from coaching to tailored leadership programs.

To train the training delivery team

To train the management population on how to handle HR responsibilities that come with the leadership role


We used the in-house resourcing knowledge and experience to design and create the content of the program. We delivered the sessions during 2 days training programs, including mixed population (business units and seniority) to enhance know-how transfer and encourage personal branding opportunities.

We insured a tight organization of administration, logistics and communication process to allow:

High quality of service to all management participants

High speed of live feedback delivery

A relatively small number of participants per session (10-15)

A high frequency (2 days training session/every 2 weeks)

A highly individualized approach but still allowing fast processing of total population

Communication during the Role of the Manager program was handled from a change management perspective.

HR team’s senior consultants guaranteed a high level of service in terms of delivery and feedback process


  • Roll-out of “the Resourcer” as the pilot for the entire program with a group of 60 participants addressing first the Technology Business Unit in the first 2 months (mar-apr 2010)
  • Certification process at the end of the training program with follow-up coaching sessions
  • Implementation of the other 5 roles – The Navigator, The Coach, The Engager, The Developer and The Rewarder starting June 2010)
  • High degree of acceptance of the process, from the top downward
  • Expanding initiatives translating the format to all the other business units
  • Additional consultancy services at the level of coaching, training of HR, coaching of managers in use of competency-based HR instruments

Client’s words:

“For me and my group, working with Aura was a real opportunity and also a pleasure to see a different face of HR in consulting, advisory and recruitment area by serving her customers with openness and using latest HR recruitment and consulting methodologies. She is an excellent and right to the target professional, doing her job with responsibility and in respect with customers’ objectives.”

  • Industry: Telecommunication
  • Customer: Vodafone
  • Population: 400
  • Project year: 2009-2010
  • Website: