Design & implementation of a recurring Annual Planning Conference starting with the board level and cascading to the worker population levels. The program’s aim is to facilitate the strategic planning process – short and mid-term – for the board members (oct-nov FY) and cascade it to operational planning for each business unit (jan-mar next FY).


To design and facilitate a 5 days planning conference for the board members of the company using the OGSM strategic planning model

To design a cascading program of facilitated conferences for each department’s working level population (ranging from 8 to 30 people per conference) with adapted tools for each department (finance and operations, marketing, BPO, sourcing, sales and account management)

To facilitate the entire program of conferences and coach particular groups on the planning model, the implementation and the desired outcomes

To design administrative, logistics and communication process handled by Aura Serea | HR Perspectives’s team

To design and implement follow-up activities from coaching to tailored leadership programs

To coach the board members on the expected outcomes correlated with the current reality of the market, industry and company

To train the management population on how to handle operation wise the planning process back to their teams and cascade the set business objectives


Aura Serea | HR Perspectives used the 10 years of knowledge and experience in management and facilitation to design and create the content of the program and of each conference. We delivered the conferences during a 2-3 months time span, including mixed population (departments and seniority) to enhance know-how transfer and encourage professional development opportunities.

Aura Serea | HR Perspectives insured a tight organization of administration, logistics and communication process to allow:

High quality of service to all participants

High speed of live feedback delivery

A 20h/ day presence at client’s disposal during the conferences

A highly individualized approach but still allowing timely delivery for the entire program

Communication during the entire program was handled from a change management perspective

Our senior consultants guaranteed a high level of service in terms of delivery and feedback process


  • Roll-out of the entire program starting with a pre-meeting preparation kit which involved business analysis from all the participants at the conference and finishing with a 2 weeks follow-up program of coaching sessions with the board members and their teams (end FY 2012, 2013)
  • 5 days Planning Conferences for the Board level (end FY 2012, 2013) and 3 days Planning Conferences for each department of the company with the working level population (beginning FY 2014)
  • Included Mission, Vision, Values session to refresh the company’s identity within the board team
  • Designed a tailored competency model based on the new company’s values for 3 seniority levels: board, management and staff that became the backbone for every people management system in the company: recruiting, promotion, development, evaluation and rewards.
  • Additional consultancy services at the level of coaching, training of HR, coaching of managers in use of people management tools and business planning

Client’s words:

“Aura is great at setting things straight, at clearing out the thickest daze of workflow&process entanglements. She is best at setting healthy boundaries and responsibilities. I’ll work again with her in the future ! :)”