“my career chose me”

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Often times I hear people saying “my career chose me, not I my career” and most of the time I hope their story tells me that it is so because they are following their vocation and their career follow a certain talent or strength that makes them unique and give a certain comfort to those careers. However in 99% of the cases it’s not like that; “my career chose me” it’s simply a reflection of happening, it just happened to have this career, it happened to take that first job, it happened to chose that college, it happened to … and it is so sad.

When you have the time to stop and think about your career, to evaluate if it is what you dreamt about, what you wanted, what your strengths make of you, you might want to try this guide. It comprises a set of questions for a self assessment regarding your career and it may bring you new knowledge about yourself and your professional preferences or choices.


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