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It is that time of year when we are also looking to expand our team.

Yes, we have plans, we have goals and expectations, but this year’s internship program is not about us. It is about the young, ambitious, curious young professional that is willing to learn and to share a bit about business. Are you that young professional?

We are a start-up, a small business that is still looking for the optimum way to grow and show its potential.

If you are interested in learning what a small business is, what HR means, how it is to be part of a team and leave your mark professionally, this might be the place for you.

We are offering 3 months of exposure to a competitive field of business and the opportunity to receive training and access to valuable knowhow in the HR area.

This program is not paid, it requires 15h/ week of involvement and it is managed 100% virtually (work and training as well).

If you find the time, we say it is worth it! Apply here by 4th of July, 00:00!!


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  1. Razvan

    I would love to join the team as i am extremely interested in what it takes to manage a business and i would like to develop my abilities of working in a team . Where do i sign in?

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