I remember

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It is said that we would go nuts if there wouldn’t be forgetting 🙂

There are so many things I forgot from these past years, professionally I mean, and it always surprises me to see that it’s just the simplest things that I forget, probably in a rush to learn and remember the complicated stuff this work of mine implies. However, it is such a delight to go back in time and remember. This past weekend I talked with a friend from Adobe, a friend with whom I lost contact in the past year, and it was so refreshing and simply wonderful to talk as if we were only talking yesterday, not weeks and months ago. From the Adobe era, I pulled out this article [Ro] from their blog, because I remembered I wrote on that blog, but couldn’t remember what, and so, I started the search. 🙂

And while searching I found another thing: how much I got stucked in this current reality of mine, in this professional context, that I almost forgot that work can mean so much more than simply doing my job.

It was about time to acknowledge this!!

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