Embrace change or settle for regrets?

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I was following today some of the past editions of ‘Business Hour‘ since I don’t manage to see it daily and at some point there were some disturbing statistics about the increase by  62% of the number of bankruptcies of small companies, mainly in retail area. We all know the fiscal burden small companies have and the pressure any entrepreneur has to face when starting or managing the business, however, it is important these numbers are relevant to someone who can find the proper way to address it. For numbers sake, any statistic is important, but it seems we often time forget to make some decisions based on all this intelligence and to make our plans wittingly.

I finally see and hear around me in the media that ‘change’ is the new ‘normal’ and I wonder why it took us so long to admit it. I think we often times fall into the trap of planning, over-thinking and over-engineering things, while failing in actually doing something, and when we finally do it, reality already changed and our doing is no longer relevant. We miss some key competencies for this reality and while failing over and over again it’s sad that we learn so slowly. It’s been 5 years since the beginning of the crisis and we still compare and whine and regret how it’s been.

We want back stability but we don’t see that these days change is the constant of our lives. Can we finally get ready for it and start doing our job without regrets?

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