Career check-ups

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How often do you take the time to think about your professional path, your career, your choices? Yes, I know it is important to you, that’s how you justify to yourself the long working hours, the six meetings per day followed by the six hours you need every evening to complete all the to do-s from those meetings, that’s how you motivate yourself to go to the gym at 7 AM before work and run from the city every weekend, that’s when you don’t fill the Sundays with sleep or¬†laziness.

And that’s how you wake up in your 30es with a satisfying income but with a meaningless job, wondering where is that time when you were finding passion in your every day tasks and you knew why you were first in the office and last to go home.

For these times I put together a simple guide to walk you through your motivations, your needs, your ‘the most important things to have in life”. Take the time to read it and most important, to answer to yourself in the most honest way in order to get back that meaning.

And last but not least, enjoy the ride!

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